FMGEM Betas Free Lifetime Upgrades

The Streaming Playlist Service,currently in Beta, FMGEM is now giving away Free Lifetime Premium Upgrades  at Official Launch to those who sign up within the next 24 Hours. The website at the time of writing has garnered so much traffic that 50 servers had to be added to account for the traffic.
FMGEM is available in your Browser with the Feature of a Draggable Playlist and any via a Streaming Radio App Android Device.
Here is how the service describes itself in a nutshell:

FMGEM is new kind of community for music and video lovers built around a revolutionary web player that runs right inside your browser.
FMGEM seamlessly integrates YouTube™, SoundCloud™, Vimeo™, Discogs™, DailyMotion™ and the Aol On Network™ to let you easily search and stream great content as well as build and share playlists.
FMGEM also helps you discover great content that is being streamed, mixed, discussed and voted upon by the FMGEM community.
Over ten thousand hours in the making, FMGEM was designed from the ground up to be smarter than the average music & video service because we know you are too!
Become a gemster today. You'll love it. It's a way of life.

FMGEM is also Looking for:
1. UI/UX (art, icons, etc.)
2. Videos... we want to have awesome videos for our landing page
3. PR/Bloggers promotion/marketing
So What are you Waiting for? Make Your Way to, as they say "It's a Way of Life".

Source: r/Music

Nokia published a mystic Windows Phone teaser

Nokia in its official US Youtube channel posted a cryptic video spanning 15 sec. The video has the title " Have you heard what's coming ". With the sound of an accelerating car in the background a message fades in saying "See and hear what you’ve been missing,"  The video ends with the logos of Nokia and Windows Phone. This conforming it will be a phone.

Probably this can be next flagship device of Lumia line up. Series of leaked details suggests that it can be Lumia Icon aka Limia 929.

Source: Youtube

YouTube adds slow-motion Enhancement tool to video editor

Slomo (Slow motion) videos are always interesting because we can enjoy every detail of the frame. Like in fight scene of Sherlock Holmes movie. Creating a slomo video would require a high-speed camera and some good editing software which allows us to control how fast or slow playback should be.

Google on Tuesday announced a new slow motion enhancement tool to the YouTube video editor. Now users can use this feature to their new and existing videos.

To create a slomo video, users have to open video manager, select a video, then click the Enhancement tools tab and now you can see a tortoise icon top right. From there you can set the intensity of your slow motion.

This video footage was reduced to 1/8th of its actuall playback speed using youtube slow motion tool.