Hey there .! First of all let us thank you for taking time out from your busy lives to get to know about us.

We are TheGeekHerald team.

We live in a world evolving at an accelerated pace with no signs of saturating in the near future, technology that revolutionized our lives in the 20th century is becoming obsolete with the advent of advanced gadgets at a faster pace and greater impact. Now staying up-to-date with the events concerning .com giants, electronic devices and technology are of particular interest for us @ TheGeekHerald.

So, this is what the site is going to be about, latest news and happenings around the tech world with our opinions and views about their impacts.latest gadgets and reviews, budding entrepreneurs with their start-ups in the tech world, tech giants ranging from social media to electronic giants and their latest activities and of course where is the fun if we don't include viral videos and memes.

We are always eager and open to reviews and suggestions from you, so don't hesitate if you have something to make this site better.


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