Facebook Messenger For Mobile Updated With Voice Messages, Voice Calls Are In Testing

Narendra kumar Sunday, January 06, 2013

Are You a Facebook user having a smartphone running iOS or Android then you have an update to your fb messenger app.
Facebook begin this year with two major upgrades to its Messenger app for Android and iOS.
One is, now you can send voice messages to your friends.

Users can tap the “+” button then hold the “record” button to record a message. Releasing the button immediately sends the message. Sliding your finger off the button cancels the message.
The second feature is VoIP (Voice over IP) calls.
VoIP calls feature is not available to all users at the moment as the company is still testing its functionality, It is available only to Canadian users with iOS devices.
As promised by Mark Zuckerberg (Killer Stuff in Mobile on the way), the company is focusing on mobile communications.
Recently Facebook opened up its messenger app to non-users using their name and phone number. This is all to stand the competition from other messaging services like WhatsApp.
Facebook also recently launched Poke, a SnapChat competitor that lets users send photos, videos or text messages that disappear after several seconds.
With this new VoIP calls feature Fb is going to challenge the mobile networks because calling is default action done through phones.Even Though internet data plans are largely dependent on Mobile Networks, This is going to have an affect in some part.

For a company like Facebook where communication is something that has to be worked on seriously, strategies have to be made to make interaction better.

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