August smart lock system uses iPhone to unlock your door

Narendra kumar Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From intelligent personal assistant navigator (Siri) to self-driving cars, Internet of Things are getting huge traction and no doubt in recent years we will be surrounded with different devices sharing information to assist us in our daily life.

At the D11 Conference today a company called August unveiled a smart digital lock systems for home doors. The designer of this locking system, Yves Behar is well known for his work with One Laptop Per Child, OUYA and Jawbone products. Yves Behar along with Jason Johnson founder of InterQuest Communications announced this product.

For now this system works with an iPhone app which allows sharing the virtual keys with other users having the app. You may give access to your friends for a specific period of time.
The system keeps logs of people who access the door and also sends info like photos and status to your phone.