Wikipedia Zero: Free access to Wikipedia over mobile

Narendra kumar Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In all the ages information (knowledge) is one of the most valuable assets of human being. Throughout our lives we have many sources of knowledge. Wikipedia will be one of those information source mutual for majority of the people.

Wikipedia zero is an initiative by Wikimedia foundation provides free access to Wikipedia on mobile devices (without data charges) in developing countries.

Objective:  "to reduce barriers to accessing free knowledge"

WP Zero is already active since 2012 in many developing countries and has provided free access to almost 230 million mobile users around the world.

Assuming mobile usage helps to reach its goal, Wikipedia is aiming to reach 1 billion people by 2015 while it is currently #5 most visited website around the world with a reach of 483 million users (acc. to Nov 2012 data).

WP Zero is currently active in these countries
Here are the countries in which Wikipedia Zero is currently available:

Uganda – launched April 4, 2012
Tunisia – launched April 24, 2012
Malaysia – launched May 21, 2012
Niger – launched July 2, 2012
Kenya – launched July 26, 2012
Montenegro – launched August 10, 2012
Cameroon – launched August 16, 2012
Ivory Coast – launched September 28, 2012

Source : Wikimedia

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